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Marigold  Clean is a full service, professional, commercial cleaning service offering corporate and industrial cleaning services, commercial cleaning solutions for all industries, reliable building maintenance, and janitorial services in Sacramento and surrounding counties. We are a family-owned and operated cleaning service that strives to give every client great value for their money.

We take pride in our success which lies in our ability to be personally involved in the fulfillment of the individual requirements of our customers. Our organization and our supervisory staff allow us to obtain the most from the personnel we direct. All of our employees work neat and clean. They are required to carry our corporate identification card on them at all times.

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Proper Commercial Cleaning Is Much More Than Dusting and Mopping

If you’re concerned about your employee's health as well as the appearance of your business, it only makes sense to hire Marigold Clean commercial cleaning services. We understand the difference between looking clean and truly being clean. If you try to do your own commercial cleaning or hire someone who has not been properly trained, you may end up with an incomplete cleaning that results in the spread of germs or a building that simply does not seem sanitary. Thorough cleaning and disinfecting of high traffic surfaces such as telephones and doorknobs and the use of the appropriate cleaning materials and disinfectants are just part of Marigold Clean's dedication to giving every client exceptional service.

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