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The workdays of employees would be hazardous and unhealthy if objects and surfaces in the workplace are not cleaned and disinfected regularly. A dirty work environment and office will likewise not feel comfortable for visiting customers, neither will it speak well of the business.

As a small to medium size business owner, the well being and safety of your clients, as well as your employees through a clean and healthy work environment should be given top priority. A clean work environment will not only keep your workers happier, healthier, and more creative but will also reduce the spread of germs and limit worker's absence due to illness. Consequently, this will influence the overall output of the business in a good way and make both your clients and employees feel safe. 

The result of a research conducted by Harvard and Syracuse Universities attest to the fact that an improvement on just the air quality of your workplace can influence the overall performance of the employees positively.

The impact of a clean and safe work environment cannot be underestimated as it can give you a competitive advantange. By hiring  a professional cleaning company to service your office, industrial warehouse, showroom, brewery, bar, restaurant, or any other high traffic venue you communicate with your staff and customers that you care.

With the advent of super viruses like Covid-19, employers need to be even more diligent about hiring the right commercial cleaning company. Marigold Clean is an experienced commercial cleaning company that specializes in disinfecting commercial businesses to ensure safe environments.